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Jacob & Rachel Memorial Fund (J&RMF) was incorporated in 2001 as a non–profit under the section 501 (c) (3)

The goal of J&RMF is to support youth leadership in oneness of humanity worldwide, one step at a time. We started in Nashville, Tennessee, by junior youth character development which is a moral training; once the junior youth has completed the Character Development sequence, he or she may continue through the Youth Leadership training which prepares them to serve the program as teachers and mentors to new generations of students, thereby contributing to an ever expanding personal and social transformation which will lead to collective transformation in global civilization so help us GOD. The training sequence incorporate reading, vocabulary and comprehension exercises, discussions, memorization of quotations, songs and creative activities as well as lesson practices and service projects.

The results of the past decade has shown that 99.9% of participants have developed new minds and they are now unrestrained as the wind hence the ambition and intention to expand to worldwide goal of oneness of humanity and doing this will require dynamic participants of people with technical know–how and interest in global civilization who will be charged with Web site designed for fundraising and consultation in using software for fundraising as financial committee in the board of directors. Certain percentage of the funds raised will go to Trust Fund which will be used to support the goal when the present directors must have abandoned the physical garment and ascended to the spiritual world; certain percentage also to be decided by the board will be in the account named “the right of GOD”; certain percentage will be allocated to financial committee; certain percentage will be assigned to priority area of foreign participants.

In addition to this outline, papers relevant to the official status of this organization will be made available for perusal.

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